What is mental and emotional health?

As described by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mental health is very important for overall health since it includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects our life, how we think, feel and act, how we handle stress, relating to others, and make life and health choices. Improving emotional well-being, social connectedness and resilience is key for optimal health and quality of life.

Stress contributes to many health problems, causing unbalance in the body and disease. Anxiety and depression are considered also independent risk factors for disease. With the use of a comprehensive holistic approach to mental health, we can prevent disease and restore health, working on resilience and the ability to flow with our emotions and cope in a healthy way, creating a happier life, being present and practice peace and at the same time live our lives to the fullest.

There are lots of resources to support our mental and emotional health, starting with selfcare, care for our bodies with good nutrition, activity, sleep, relaxation, play and community time. Also utilizing mind body medicine techniques to support our emotions and choose what is best for ourselves.

Dr. Fuentes-Valdes can share with you, different techniques, and solutions to support your mental health. Accepting yourself in a loving way is a great place to start. Make an appointment with Dr. Johanna Fuentes-Valdes if you want to learn more about the holistic approach to mental and emotional wellbeing.

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