What is thyroid and adrenal health?

Thyroid and adrenal health are very important and part of the hormonal endocrine system that coordinates chemical messages to help the human body function properly throughout the life cycle. Bodily processes involve a chain reaction of several different hormones.

Think of hormone as a key and the cells as targets to take a specific action.

The thyroid main job is to control the speed of your metabolic rate, which is the process of how your body transforms the food you eat into energy and is related to health in general, cardiovascular systems, development, metabolic functions, reproductive health, energy and so on.

Overactive thyroid symptoms:

Underactive thyroid:

In integrative functional medicine, addressing the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis as the body’s central stress response system is very important. We use a questionnaire that help us determine a low or high cortisol state, evaluating symptoms like lethargy, depression, fatigue, sleepiness, dizziness, chronic pain, low blood pressure, easy bruising, low resilience, unstable temperature, nervousness, weight gain, craving sweets, insomnia, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Integrative Holistic medicine approaches to hormonal health thyroid and adrenal are designed to help you feel better, restore balance, and get healthier.

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