Making an Appointment

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Appointments are preferably scheduled online through the electronic medical record application called Optimantra. If you have any issues or need help, please contact our office by texting, e-mailing, through our contact form on this webpage or calling us. If you are a new patient, consider the option to select a complimentary 15 minute “discovery appointment” with the doctor to ask questions and “discover” if Dr. Fuentes-Valdes's approach is appropriate for you.

For first-time patients, it is recommended to schedule a discounted 90-minute consultation. This will allow enough time to review with you the information from your health assessments and adequately discuss various therapies to consider. You can always cut the visit shorter if you desire, the discounted price is for a regular market value 40-minute consultation. For follow-up visits, 30-, 45- or 60-minute appointments are recommended, you can also choose 75-90 minutes if you need more time or if you also want to add an acupuncture session to your visit. The medical acupuncture sessions are 45 minutes and can be scheduled after a first Integrative Holistic Medicine consultation. Please let the doctor know if you want acupuncture on the first visit to allocate time for it.

Filling out the health assessments

When making an appointment online through the Optimantra scheduler, an account will be created and you will be sent an email from Optimantra with the information for the appointment, forms to filled out, acknowledgemts and consents to sign and if preferred, the link for a televisit. Please check your spam folder if you do not see this in your email inbox.

The initial assessments are very comprehensive and will take some time to complete. The therapeutic process of healing includes gathering this very important information to help build your self-awareness. and it is very therapeutic. When this information is available ahead of time, the doctor will be able to review it and she does not have to ask all these questions during the visit and instead, spend time addressing your health concerns and providing you with recommendations.

Text or email reminders

A reminder email will be sent one day prior for your scheduled appointment.

For those who have difficulty with the forms or prefer not to fill out so much information online, do your best as any information is valuable. We can email you a copy of the questionnaire, but the information will not be available directly in the chart. Please communicate those concerns with Dr. Fuentes-Valdes and accommodations can be made. Our email address is or you can text or call 813-461-4428.

Visit and Personalized Plan

Health care services are performed using a holistic approach to support the whole person, not just addressing a current collection of symptoms. The patient will be provided with a thorough evaluation using the complete information provided in your intake form through the Optimantra LivingMatrix® electronic system. After your visit, Dr. Fuentes Valdes will put all your information together and formulate a report, accessible in your Optimantra patient portal, where you will receive a personalized comprehensive therapeutic plan and the appropriate handouts for your review, so you can implement the recommendations at your convenience in a timely manner.

Appropriate labs will be recommended and ordered, as a result of the patient-doctor interaction. Our practice currently uses Quest and Rupa Health for conventional and specialty labs. You can also use your preferred laboratory as far as the results are available to the doctor. Medical acupuncture is part of the different complementary tools offered and can be addressed during the first and follow-up visits. Acupressure, acu-magnets, mind body medicine techniques and Energy Medicine exercises will be provided for the patients as part of the therapeutic plan as indicated and if desired.

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