What is Spiritual Health?

Spirituality involves a sense of connectedness with what is considered an absolute, imminent, or transcendent power, however named, as well as the conviction that meaning, value, direction and purpose are valid aspects of the universe.

Spirituality is very powerful in the lives of each person. Surveys have shown that in 33% of the USA hospitals, patient satisfaction regarding emotional and spiritual aspects of care were within the lowest ratings among clinical indicators. 77% of patients wanted their physicians concerned about their spiritual beliefs and 48% would like their physicians to pray with them. Prayer was found to be the most widely used of complementary therapy in the USA.

Research has shown that spirituality helps with health, better outcomes, coping skills, faster remission, good health habits and positive social networking. Also, there are negative aspects like feeling punishment, deserted and evil.

“For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians separate the soul from the body” Plato, 380 BC

Dr. Fuentes-Valdes is very spiritual, and she believes her spirituality and faith are essential to her life and therefore for health and wellbeing, assisting the mind-body-spirituality connection and techniques. Supporting your spirituality and positive impact are core for your healing and wellbeing.

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